Interested to work in Indonesia? Surely, You will need legal documents such as Visa and Work Permit.


Indonesia has several types of visa that are based on the purpose of your visit, but for companies the most common types are the Working Visa or Business Visa.

Any foreigner who works and obtain income in Indonesia must apply for a work permit. This is a very bureaucratic procedure that involves the Ministry of Manpower as well as the immigration office. The entire procedure will take about one month.

KITAS provides the following benefits• Legally obtain employment and salary• Open bank account• The right to stay without regularly leaving the country• Acquire permanent residence after 3 years

How to apply for KITAS?

• Send us the required documents from your sponsor companyThese include company documents and the expatriate placement plan that we will help you create.• Send us required the documents about the applicantWe will need a copy of the passport and university diploma, photos and insurance policy information.• We will prepare the application and see it through the process in Indonesia• You will apply to the Indonesian Embassy in your country to get a temporary visa• Once you arrive in Indonesia, our consultant will accompany you to the Immigration Office to give fingerprints and signature• We will complete the rest of the requirements, such as the re-entry permit, IMTA document

Elson is ready to efficiently lead you through the KITAS process and save your time with our extensive network of contacts that includes local authorities.


If you visit Indonesia for a business reason and do not intend to obtain any income in Indonesia, it is not necessary to apply for a work permit.Instead you can apply for a business visa, which is a simpler and faster procedure that allows multiple entries and is valid for 1 year.

A Business Visa provides the following benefits• Simple and quick application• Saves money• Business purpose of visitThe purpose of the Indonesian Business Visa is normal business activities (including attending a conferences/seminar) which do not involve being employed or receiving any payments in Indonesia• Have the right to stay 60 days with validation for 1 yearYou can apply for an extension by leaving Indonesia in 60 days and coming back (crossing borders) or by applying for and obtaining a visa from the Indonesian Immigration Authority.

How to apply for a Business Visa?

• Send us a copy of your passport by email• We will prepare all application requirements in Indonesia• You will pick up your visa at the Indonesian embassy in your country

Consult with Elson to clarify what type of visa and work permit you need and what procedures you need to follow to work legally in Indonesia. GET IN TOUCH WITH US NOW!

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