Full Guide How to Get Business Visa for Indonesia

Business Visa for Indonesia – Strategically located between two continents—Australia and Asia—Indonesia is a reshaping and developing the country with emerging economic potential. No wonder, the country has been trying its best effort to attract investments from both domestic and foreign investors. The government has been boosting various infrastructures throughout the region in hope to stimulate the economy and the investor’s confidence.


However, if you are planning to conduct business in Indonesia, you need to be aware that the regulation is different from the tourist visa and cannot be used as a working permit. Before you get to know how to get a business visa for Indonesia, let’s see the general information of Indonesia’s visa policy.




Visa Policy of Indonesia

Indonesia has a rather big list of visa exemption which includes 90 countries in it. The passport holders from those countries may travel to Indonesia without any visa requirement for 30 days. However, the visa exemption only valid for the purposes below:


  • Tourism
  • Family and social visits
  • Cultural and art activities
  • Official government duties
  • Attending seminars or international exhibitions in Indonesia
  • Transit within less than 8 hours duration
  • Attending a meeting with a representative office in Indonesia


Except for the purposes listed above, the visitor needs to get their visa in advance before their visit to Indonesia. The visitors also need to make sure that they have a passport valid at least for 6 months and a valid return ticket. Outside of the visa exemption list, there are two types of the visa needed to enter Indonesia:



1.     Visa on Arrival

Visa on arrival is still available for those who are visiting for other reason other than tourism. Purposes of attending a meeting or a seminar may be extended for another 30 days with visa-on-arrival service. So, before their arrival in Indonesia, the visitors may choose whether they are entering without a visa or with visa-on-arrival.


Those who come from the visa exemption countries and does not choose to apply visa-on-arrival may not extend their 30-days stay. There are approximately 124 border crossings on airports, seaports, and land borders that may be the checkpoint of the arrival. Indonesia has opened the country for visitors from 62 countries that can enter with a visa-on-arrival.



2.     Visa through Approval

Though the list of the country that needed the government approval visa is rather narrow, it is essential for the visitors to pay attention to the regulation. There are 9 countries including Afghanistan, Cameroon, Guinea, Israel, Liberia, Niger, Nigeria, North Korea, and Somalia. Visitors from these countries should apply for a visa and wait for the approval before they depart. This policy is famously known as Indonesian Calling Visa.


To get the approval, the applicants from those countries need to have a sponsor in Indonesia. Furthermore, they should submit the latest 2 months of their bank statement and a letter of the request which consists of the visit in details. It would also take around 5 weeks to get the approval which is longer than the usual visa.





Indonesia Business Visa Application and Requirements

As mentioned before, the business purpose is not included from the general regulation of visa in Indonesia. Those who visit in a specific business purpose needs to have an APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) or a sponsored business visa. Please do take note that business visa is not a working permit. Thus, you can only do business but not to work regularly and get paid.


Whether you are doing business with a local company or setting up a new foreign company in Indonesia, there are some things that you need to consider:



Length of the Stay

By applying for a business visa, you can get a visa that valid for one year. However, you can only stay for 60 days in each visit. The business visa in Indonesia is designed to accommodate the frequent visitors on business purposes.



Consider a Sponsor Company

To make sure your business visa application is approved, you need to have a sponsor from a legal entity in Indonesia. It can be a foreign company, a local company, or a representative office located in Indonesia. You can also find a legal service that may offer you a sponsor with certain requirements.



The Requirements

  • Completing the visa application form
  • A valid passport (the validity ends at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Indonesia, and has at least two fully blank pages)
  • A colored photograph (passport size)
  • Travel itinerary (ticket bookings, hotel reservation, and details of destinations)
  • Return ticket below 60 days after the arrival
  • Bank statement with the amount of at least 1,500 USD on the account
  • Telex visa
  • The details of the sponsoring company (corporate documents and the person responsible)
  • The details of the Indonesian embassy where the visitor would attain the visa



How to Apply

The visa application and the requirements need to be scanned and submitted online. It is better if the sponsoring company does it for you. A minor mistake or any missing requirements may cause the application to be rejected or delayed.


The application would be issued as telex first before it is converted into a business visa. It takes around 5 – 10 days for the telex to be issued. Later, the visitor may pick up the issued business visa after 3 – 10 days on the chosen embassy.


Since it takes at least two weeks until the actual visa is issued, you may want to start the application earlier before your arrival. If you are already in Indonesia, you can to go to the nearest Indonesian embassy such as in Singapore or Kuala Lumpur to obtain the telex and visa. However, such action is not advisable since it against the immigration law.





The APEC Business Travel Card

APEC is the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation is an economic alliance between the countries around the Asia and Pacific regions. Currently, there are 21 countries that participate in the APEC which are: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, China, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United States, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea.


The business visitors coming from the mentioned countries (Except the United States and Canada) may apply for the APEC Business Travel Card or generally known as ABTC. The card applies for your visa to enter Indonesia as one of the country participating in APEC. The duration of the stay would be different for each country. For those ABTC members coming to Indonesia, the maximum length of the stay is 60 days.



How to Get the APEC Business Travel Card

The validity of the ABTC lasts for three years. If your passport expires in less than three years, your ABTC has the same expiry date with it. To get the ABTC, you must be a verified business person. Off course, the details of what you do and your track record should be included on the application.


Other than personal and business details, you may submit the details of the countries you have visited in the past five years, and where have you been staying for the past five years. The regulation needs you to fill the form in details and as honest as possible to make you an eligible holder of the ABTC.


After the application, you still have to wait for an approval. Once approved, you may proceed to the payment and wait for your ABTC to be sent to your address. The regulation of ABTC is rather strict because they choose the members carefully. If you do need this card and feel that it may help you in doing business, then you should start applying.



Single & Multiple Entry Business Visa in Indonesia

Doing business may mean you need to spend an extended period or have multiple trips. For those purposes, Indonesia offers two types of business visa based the duration of the stay and the validity. The single entry and multiple entry business visas started off the same regarding requesting process. The main difference between them is the validity period and the extension regulation.



Single Entry Business Visa

Single entry business visa is intended for those who don’t need to take another trip abroad while in Indonesia. The validity of this business visa lasts for 60 days. However, the visitor may extend the stay for another 30 days. It can be extended four times, giving the visitor a total stay of 6 months in Indonesia.



Multiple Entry Business Visa

Multiple entry business visas allow the visitor to go in and out Indonesia within the validity period. If you need to take care of other business activities in another country, the multiple entry business visas are the perfect type for your visit. The validity of this business visa lasts for 1 year with a maximum duration of 60 days for each entry. Unfortunately, the validity and the duration of each entry cannot be extended.


It is essential to use a suitable type of visa entry for your business. The multiple entry visas can also be a benefit if you are anticipating another trip. Just like another business visa, it cannot be used for employment or to get paid under a company as it’s against the Indonesian immigration law.



What Does A Sponsoring Company Do?

Without a sponsoring company, your chance of getting the business visa approved is rather small. The Indonesian government requires a sponsoring company with an official invitation letter to make sure that you are doing a legal business while in the country. To get the telex and business visa, the sponsoring company needs to submit these following documents:


  • A formal invitation letter consisting of the details of the visit, where the visitor would stay during the visit, and a brief detail of the purpose of the visit
  • Copy of Business License (SIUP)
  • Copy of Domicile License (SKTU)
  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate (TDP)
  • Copy of Company Taxpayer Number (NPWP)
  • Copy of Notarial Deed (Akta Notaris)
  • Copy of Valid ID of the director or the company’s official
  • The details of the sponsoring company
  • The company’s official letterhead and seal


If you don’t have your sponsoring company yet, you can always use an agency or a legal firm like Elson.co.id that would do it. As long as you have an explicit detail of your purpose and submit the legal documents, your visit to Indonesia should face no trouble in the process.


You need to submit the invitation letter from the sponsoring company along with other requirements to get the telex visa first. Next, you can proceed with obtaining the business visa.



What is Telex Visa in Indonesia?

Telex visa in Indonesia is the recommendation for the issuance of visa. The telex visa is approved by the Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia. It would be later issued at the chosen Indonesian embassy. Once you attain the visa at the Indonesian embassy, you can proceed to your departure.


It is better to keep in mind that the telex visa is valid for two months. So, you need to keep in contact with the Indonesian embassy to know the best time to depart. If you don’t depart within the two-month duration, you would likely to start the process from the beginning.


Technically speaking, the Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia usually sends the approval via telex to the Indonesian embassy where the applicant is—which is why it is called the telex visa.





Extending Your Business Visa

Depending on the types of visa, you would have different choices of extension. Your business visa may be valid for 60 days with day-1 counting from the date of your arrival. Since the multiple entry visas are not extendable, you may only extend if you have the single entry visa.


The best time to start the extension process I around 7 – 14 days before the main business visa is expired. The first step is to fill out the form of extension at the nearest immigration office in Indonesia. Next, you have to come for the second time to pay for the extension visa and have your photograph and fingerprints recorded. Lastly, you can attain your passport and visa with an extended length of stay.


However, you also need a letter of recommendation from your sponsoring company at the time of the extension request. It is to prove that the extension is needed for the business you are doing or running in Indonesia.


Depending on your need, the single entry visa may be extended four times. You may only extend for 30 days in each extension. If you use all the extension, you have a total stay of 6 months.


It is important to request for the right business visa to cater your business activities in Indonesia. If it turns out that you need to fly to another country during your stay in Indonesia, it is better for you to get the multiple entry visas as a more comfortable option.





What to Avoid when Applying for a Business Visa

Applying for a business visa is a serious matter since it involves your company reputation. That is why providing the right, and reliable documents is an important thing to do. You should also pay attention to the dates to make sure you depart and arrive at the right time. If you are rather busy, using the help of an agency like Elson.co.id is advisable. An agency would help you in arranging the date and keeping you informed about the process.


You may also want to avoid choosing the wrong visa. It is why you should do a consultation before deciding which business visa you would request for. After all, you would not want your business activities to be interrupted by the visa paperwork.


Another thing to avoid is not to confuse doing business with working. If you come to Indonesia to work, make sure that you convert your visit visa to a working permit. Getting employed and paid under a business visa is against the immigration law, and you can be deported anytime.



Business Visa Indonesia Cost

The cost of the business visa may differ depending on your business purpose. For instance, the cost of a visa for a business owner would be different from the cost of a visa for a foreign investor. So, the details of your sponsorship, the field of business, and the brief of the stay is essential for the Indonesian government to decide whether you are eligible to receive the business visa or not. Since it takes time, you may want to start the paperwork as early as one month before your departure.


Alternatively, you can always opt for a more comfortable alternative—contact us at Elson.co.id to get your business visa done. You are welcomed to a consultation about the process and the requirements for applying for the business visa. As there are piles of paperwork to do, getting legal help is one of the effective ways of getting the visa especially when you have other works to do.


Elson.co.id is also able to help the foreign residents deal with company establishment, work permit, and other legal issues such as family law.

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