Once Company intends to hire foreign workers, there are few things must be noted especially regarding the permits and arrangements of documents that must be obtained before the Expatriates are ready to work. For example, such RPTKA and IMTA, the process will spent 3 (three) working days for each process  once all documents are complete and in line with the requirements (Peraturan Menteri Ketenagakerjaan / Ministry of Manpower Regulation (“MR”) Number 16 of 2015).

For the submission of IMTA in multiple positions, it must not from the Company in the same group, however the Expatriate is also listed in the Company’s Deed of Establishment which has been approved by Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kementrian Hukum dan Hak Asasi Manusia). IMTA is a written permission from the Minister or appointed official to the Foreign Workers, as stated in the MR No.16 of 2015 article 1 clause 5.

The reason why Expatriate requires IMTA is mentioned in Article 42 of Law Number 13 of 2013 regading the Manpower Law, that Expatriate must have written permission from the Minister or appointed official. Thus, it is mandatory for any company that intends to employ foreigners.

For companies who already have RPTKA and want to extend, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The reason for using Expatriates;
  2. Application Form;
  3. Domicile Letter;
  4. Mandatory Manpower Report (according to Law Number 7 of 1981);
  5. Report on the realization of the implementation of education and training in the framework of technology transfer and transfer of expertise by attaching training certificates;
  6. Valid RPTKA;
  7. Valid IMTA;
  8. Proof of payment of DKPTKA or IMTA renewal retribution;
  9. Recommendation of positions to be occupied by Expatriates from technical institutions in accordance with the provisions of legislation (if needed).

If all documents and requirements are complete and fulfilled, Ministry of Manpower will  process the RPTKA within 3 working days. The whole service process is done online at Kemenaker website</p

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