III. KITAP For Spouses of Indonesian Citizens

The provision concerning spouses of Indonesian citizens is stipulated in Article 60 Paragraph 2 of the Immigration Law, which states that the KITAP may be submitted to a couple after their marriage has reached two years and they have signed the Integration Statement to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia. The following are required for foreigners who want to apply for a KITAP through marriage:

  1. Marriage has reached two years and the marriage is recorded in Indonesia
  2. Signing a Statement of Integration to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia
  3. Passport with a minimum validity of 18 months
  4. KITAS (Limited Stay Permit Card / ITAS)
  5. STM (Police Report Certificate)
  6. SKTT (Temporary Resident Permit)
  7. Marriage Certificate (should be in English or Bahasa Indonesia)
  8. Proof that marriage is registered in Indonesia (for marriages held overseas)
  9. Application Letter signed by the Indonesian Spouse
  10. Identity Card (KTP) of Indonesian Spouse
  11. Family Registration Card of Indonesian Spouse
  12. Bank Account of Indonesian Spouse in the last three months
  13. Domicile Letter of the foreigner’s address in Indonesia

To verify the KITAP application for investors, foreign workers, and spouses of Indonesian citizens, the immigration officer will conduct a field survey to verify the data as well as the address of the foreigner. In addition, the KITAP may also be cancelled by the immigration authorities for reasons set forth in Article 62 Paragraph 1 and 2 Immigration Law as follows:

The KITAP will not be valid if the holder: 

  1. Leaves the Territory of Indonesia for more than one year, or does not intend to re-enter the Territory of Indonesia;
  2. Does not renew the Permanent Stay Permit after five years;
  3. Obtains the citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia;
  4. Has their permission annulled by the designated minister or immigration officer;
  5. Is subject to deportation;
  6. Has died.

The KITAP can be cancelled if the holder: 

  1. Has proven to commit a crime against the state as stipulated in the legislation;
  2. Undertakes activities that endanger state security;
  3. Violates the Integration Statement;
  4. Employs unauthorised foreign workers;
  5. Provided incorrect information in the application for a Permanent Stay Permit;
  6. Is subject to Immigration Administrative Action;
  7. The marriage of a foreigner who is legally married to an Indonesian citizen is due for a divorce and/or court decision, unless the marriage has lasted ten years or more.

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