Guidance for Expatriates: Working, Living& Doing Business in Bali

This article must be read by you foreign nationals (foreigners) who already in love with this country and want to become citizens of Indonesia (WNI). Since you have not become an Indonesian citizen then you have some limitations if you live in Indonesia. One for instance is you will not be able to own a property with a proprietary title if you are still a foreigner.

The process or procedure of obtaining the citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia for foreign nationals is referred to as a nationality. This matter is regulated in Law Number 12 Year 2006 concerning citizenship. A citizenship application may be filed if the following requirements are met:

  1. Have been 18 years old or already married
  2. Upon submission of application already residing in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia at least 5 consecutive years or at least 10 years not consecutively
  3. Physically and mentally healthy
  4. Can speak Indonesian and recognize the basic state of Pancasila and the Constitution of the State of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945
  5. Never be punished for committing a crime punishable by imprisonment of 1 year or more
  6. Pay the citizenship money to the state coffers

Then, what are the requirements for foreigners who are married or unmarried? Here are the requirements.

Foreigners who do not have spouse yet

  1. 2 (two) copies of application files from the Regional Office of the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights according to the domicile of the applicant shall consist of 1 (one) copy of the file
  2. Original application form of Indonesian citizenship signed on materai sufficiently by the applicant.
  3. Original Letter of Introduction to Regional Office according to the applicant’s domicile regarding the submission of the file to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia which is authorized by the authorized official
  4. Original Minutes of Examination from the Integrated Team of the Regional Office in accordance with the applicant’s domicile authorized by the competent authority
  5. Photocopy of birth certificates or letters proving the birth of the applicant (including date, month, year and place of birth) authorized by an authorized official (If a foreign language other than English is translated into Bahasa Indonesia by an official translator in the form of a signature, stamp, and original translation (not photocopy) of the official translator and nor authorized by the authorized official in the photocopy of the translation)

Foreigners who already have spouses

  1. Copy of birth certificate translated into Bahasa Indonesia by an official sworn translator and has been legalized by authorized official
  2. Photocopy of identity cards or certificate of residence of the applicant that has been legalized by the competent authority
  3. Copy of certificate of birth certificate of husband or wife of applicant that has been legalized
  4. Copy of identity card of the applicant’s husband or wife who has been legalized by an authorized official
  5. Photocopy of marriage certificate of applicant’s marriage book from husband or wife that has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia by an official translator sworn and legalized by authorized official

The application and its attachment shall be submitted to the officer whose working area covers the applicant’s residence. If the application has been declared fulfill the substantive requirements, the official shall forward the request to the Minister within 7 (seven) days from the date the substantive examination is completed.

The announcement of the name of the person obtaining the citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia shall be done by the Minister in the news of the Republic of Indonesia, which is done after the news of the sworn pledge or the pledge of faithful pledge received by the Minister.

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