As a foreign worker or a person who will give work to foreign workers (TKA), usually we will be required to take care of some immigration and employment documents.

In Indonesia, foreign workers who will work in Indonesia must have an expatriate work permit (EWP), in addition to hire foreign workers (IMTA). This IMTA (Issuance of Expatriate Employment Permit), which later became the basis for the issuance of visa approval, the granting and extension of limited stay permit (ITAS), the status of visit permit (ITK) to ITAS, ITAS status change to permanent residence (ITAP), and extension of ITAP.

IMTA also applies to foreign workers who hold positions of members of the Board of Directors, members of the Board of Commissioners or members of the Board of Trustees, members of the Board, members of the Supervisor who is domiciled abroad.

To obtain IMTA, mentioned in Permenaker no. 16/2015 jo Permanaker No. 35/2015 on the Procedures of the Use of Foreign Workers, the employers of foreign workers must apply online by uploading several documents such as; passports of foreign workers to be employed, passport photos of TKA, letters of appointment of companion TKI, have education in accordance with the terms of occupation to be occupied by foreign workers, and others.

The period of validity of this IMTA is a maximum of 1 year, and may be extended in accordance with a ministerial decree on positions occupied by foreign workers or RPTKA.

Latest, the government issued a new policy through Presidential Regulation No. 20 of 2018 on the Use of Foreign Workers. One of the content is to eliminate the recommendation requirements of the relevant agencies and change the period of permission of foreign workers between 1-2 years to be in accordance with the contract of employment contract.

In addition, the process of licensing RPTKA and IMTA were previously separated, become one so that originally takes six days for its manufacture is pruned into two days. In the new regulation there is no IMTA term explicitly. This regulation also took effect on June 29, 2018.

With the simplification of foreign work permit, it can be assured that its management becomes shorter and more efficient. Especially now the service system in the Ministry of Manpower is based online, so the permissions can be done anytime and anywhere.

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