“Any Child with dual nationality who has a foreign national passport may be granted an Immigration Facility Immigration Facility is a card assigned to a child the subject of a dual nationality of a foreign national passport holder given an affidavit.”

An affidavit in Indonesian law is a form of immigration facility granted by the Indonesian government to a child holding a foreign passport with limited dual citizenship in accordance with Law No. 12 of 2006 on Citizenship (“Citizenship Law”), Government Regulation No. 2 of 2007 concerning Procedures for Obligation, Loss, Cancellation, and Returning Indonesian Citizenship, Regulation of Minister of Law And Human Rights No. M.01-HL.03.01 of 2006. As is known, a child of the mixed marriage between an Indonesian citizen and a foreign citizen will have dual citizenship. If the child holds a foreign passport, the child’s foreign passport will be given an affidavit, which specifies that this child is the subject of Article 41 of the Citizenship Law.

The Importance of Affidavit
A Dual Nationality Child regulates under the Regulation of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights No. 22 of 2012 shall be registered by his parent or guardian, at the immigration office or Representative of the Republic of Indonesia whose working area covers the child’s residence. The registration is intended to obtain the facility as an Indonesian citizen with dual nationality. If the child of the dual nationality is either 18 (eighteen) years of age or is married, he must submit a declaration to choose one of his nationalities.

Procedures and Documents Required to Obtain an Affidavit
An affidavit is in the form of a legal document attached to the foreign passport of the child. An affidavit is used when the child visits and lives in Indonesia for a certain time in his status as a limited Indonesian citizen. An affidavit is only valid for one visit (once entered and once out) territory of Republic of Indonesia.

To obtain an affidavit, here are the procedures and documents required as follows :

  1. Filling the submitted form to the Head of the Immigration Office whose working area covers the dwelling of the Dual Nationality Child and in writing in the Indonesian language by loading the least :
    • full name of Dual Nationality Child;
    • date of birth;
    • gender;
    • address
    • parents name;
    • passport number;
    • parents nationality; and
    • marital status of parents.
  2. Attach original documents and photocopies :
    • birth certificate;
    • marriage certificate, marriage certificate, or parent’s divorce certificate;
    • the foreign national passport of the child for who owns;
    • a foreign father’s or maternal national passport for a child who has no foreign national passport; and
    • photographs of the latest Double Colored Dedicated Children and 4 x 6 cm (four by six centimeters) for 4 (four) sheets.

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Author: Belle Risca Junia/ ELSON