The Immigration Office has a strict policy for the expatriate who come to their place in regard to obtain a KITAS.

Before getting your Limited Stay Permit (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas—KITAS), you will be invited to your local immigration office to take photo and biometric data such as finger print.

Many applicants believe that it is a very simple thing to do when you have already received an invitation from Immigration Office to proceed photo and biometric data collection, just come to the Immigration Office, wait in your queue and then took a photo, interview and then finish.

However, we often found many applicants felt disappointed because they are being rejected to entered the Immigration Office and must re-scheduled their photo and biometric process, believe it or not mostly the reason of the rejection is only because of their lack of information particularly the one related to personal appearances.

Therefore, here are some tips that you may find useful and could save your precious time:


  1. Come early to save your queue. The line may be long and it is always better to get to the place earlier.
  2. You also need to come to the immigration office in person. Unlike other administrative process of getting your KITAS, since your photo and biometric data will be taken, you need to come in person.
  3. Make sure that you wear comfortable and proper attire for the photo session. You will be required to show your facial features for actual identification such as your whole eyebrows and ears.
  4. Wearing Shirt, Batik, or minimum polo shirt apparel
  5. Wearing long pants for man.


  1. Avoid wearing excessive accessories or hairstyle for the photo session is focused on your facial features;
  2. Do not wear eyeglasses nor contact lens that alters your original eye color;
  3. Do not wear gloves and make sure your hand is clean;
  4. Do not wear sandals;
  5. Do not wear unappropriated apparels such as tank top, hot pants and mini skirt;
  6. Do not wear short pant and T-Shirt for man;
  7. Do not wear torn pants; and
  8. Do not wear sunglasss.

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Editor: Latifah Kusumawardani