You will feel safety for your child, your assets, and your future. Furthermore, you can have a chance to have property, bank credit and many things that you cannot get if you didn’t register a prenuptial agreement.”

Why do I need prenuptial agreement? What are the advantages of registering prenuptial agreement? Moreover, how do I register my prenuptial agreement?
Perhaps most of mix couples will ask the above questions when talked about the prenuptial agreement. Whereas, prenuptial agreement is necessary for Indonesian citizen who will marry with different nationality.

Why is it necessary? In this article, we will find the answer by hearing one of mix marriage couple who would like to share their experience on prenuptial agreement. We had an interesting interview with Mrs. Putri Dante, Indonesian citizen who married with Mr. Dante Abraham with different nationality and registered their prenuptial agreement.

Q : Hi Mrs. Putri, thank you for giving us your time. Would you like to share your experience about prenuptial agreement? How do you know about prenuptial agreement?

A : Hi ELSON! Yes, it is my pleasure. So, at the first, I got an advice from Ms.Fairuz, a lawyer from SMART Legal Network. Because of I would marry different nationality so it would be better if I register the prenuptial agreement. At the first, I did not know about prenuptial agreement, but she explained me clearly the necessity of prenuptial agreement for who would had mix marriage. There are many advantages of registering prenuptial agreement.

Q : Would you like to share with us what are those advantages that be your reasons and consideration to decide and registering your prenuptial agreement?

A : Yes, of course. I registered my prenuptial agreement on December 2016, before my marriage. I decided to register prenuptial agreement based on some reasons. First, law in Indonesia are changeable. We did not know what will happen to the future, but with prenuptial agreement, it secures many conditions as today like the rights and the obligations between wife and husband. Second, for the safety of the child and assets. We know that without prenuptial agreement, there is mixing of property ownership that may result to become couple joint assets or ownership between foreigner and Indonesian spouse. We need to register prenuptial agreement to separate our assets to avoid activities like take over assets in the future. Furthermore, the advantages of registering prenuptial agreement for mix marriage couple are I can having property and Bank Credit. As well as Bank Credit, it regulates that for the mix couple who apply credit to the Bank should have marriage agreement in which a separate asset regulated inside.

Q : So, after you registered prenuptial agreement, what did you feel? Is there any suggestion to anyone who want to have mix marriage?

A : So much better. Now, I felt safety, especially for our child, our assets and our future. We can owned property and also Bank Credit. Based on my experience, there is nothing wrong with registering prenuptial agreement. Furthermore, it really helpful. You will feel safety for your child, your future, you can have a chance to have property, bank credit and many things that you cannot get if you didn’t register a prenuptial agreement.

Q : And how ELSON helps you?

A : ELSON really helps me in registering prenuptial agreement. We had consultancy and all the process obtaining by ELSON accordingly.

How can ELSON help you?

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