It is necessary for the business visa holder to understand the limitation of visa in order to avoid engaging in unauthorized work activities.

Indonesian Government has provided various kind of Indonesian Visa that appropriate to the needs of every foreigner who want to enter and exit the Indonesian Territory. According to this point, Indonesian Law also regulated some limitation of the activities, which can and cannot be done, from each visas.

One of the widely used visa for the Business worker is Business Visa. By the definition, Business Visa is provided for foreigner who want to go to Indonesia for conducting business activities. Even so, there are many restrictions or limitations regulated to the Business Visa.

It is necessary for the business visa holder to understand the limitation of visa, in order to avoid engaging in unauthorized work activities, which could negatively impact to the stay in target country and the ability to get a visa in the future. Therefore, at this article, we present you the things to do and do not to do for Business visa holder.

First, Do not hire employment, be employed by Indonesian company and earn money, or receive any payment along activities (seminar, conference, expo, convention, and many more). However, Business Visa holder can Do many Business activities, such as exploring investment opportunities (survey potential site, attend a meeting), attend conference or business event and participate in exhibition.

Second, Do not stay in the Indonesia more than 60 (sixty) days of stay for each visit for the Multiple Visit Business Visa (MVBV) holder. But, Do a several entries into Indonesia without exceeding 60 (sixty) days each visit for 1 (one) year MVBV validity.

Third, for the Single Entry Business Visa (SEBV) holder who granted a 60 days length of stay and could be extended 4 (four) times with maximum 30 (thirty) day length of stay for each extension given, Do not exit Indonesia territory as long as you have the validity of visa or you may lose the visa. If you want to overstay with the SEBV, Do an extended of visa with the support of the sponsor in Indonesia.

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Author: Mutiarani Zahara