“There are any four types of visa that could be used foreigner to conduct his or her activities in Indonesia.”

Every foreigner who want to enter Indonesia should obey the Indonesian Law. The first thing that foreigner has to do is, entering Indonesia legally by using the correct kind of visa. Based on Indonesian Immigration Law No 6 / 2011, there are four types of visa that could be used foreigner to conduct his or her activities in Indonesia.

According Article 34 of the Law, the four types are (a) diplomatic visa; (b) service visa; (c) visit visa; (d) limited stay visa. The variation of visa is related to the purpose of the foreigner to come to Indonesia. First, diplomatic visa is given to the foreigner who holds the diplomatic passport or other passport to enter to Indonesian territory for conducting diplomatic duties.

Second, official visa is given to the foreigner who holds service passport and other passport to enter to Indonesia territory for conducting non-diplomatic official task from his or her government or international organization.
Third, visit visa is given to expatriate who comes to Indonesia in exercising government duties, education, social culture, tourism, business, family, journalism, or only transit to continue the his or her journey to another country.
Fourth, limited stay visa is given to foreigner who conducts some activities below:

  1. Religious leader, expert staff, worker, researcher, student, investor, elderly and the family, and also foreigner who marry Indonesian citizen legally; that will travel to Indonesia territory for temporary living.
  2. A foreigner who work on the ship, floating equipment, or installations that operate in Indonesian sea area, continental shelf, and / or the Indonesian Exclusive Economic Zone.

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Author: Latifah Kusumawardani