Separation asset is one of important things of Marriage Agreement to Indonesian citizenship who will marry with foreigner.”

The marriage agreement is a common term, especially to the mixed marriage couple. Therefore, we will inform you at least three essential things that you have to prepare before making marriage agreement, as follows:

    1. Agreement of separation of assets

You and your partner must have an agreement on the innate property, joint property, as well as earnings results obtained at the time was married, whether it will be separated or otherwise,. In case of separation of assets, it must be supported by sufficient evidence of ownership.The separation of assets is one of important parts in marriage agreement between Indonesian citizenship who will marry with foreigner.

    1. Agreement of the rights and obligation of husband and wife

If there is an agreement of separation of assets, then the couple should consider and understand his or her rights and responsibilities in a marriage. Meanwhile, even though there is no marriage agreement, both sides can reinforce the rights of each person, and clarify the obligations which will be borne by each sides. Certainly, all the consequences have to be understood in detail with this part. For example, from the side of wife, she has the right to earn money from the husband, then the husband has the right to determine what expenditure may be done by the wife as long as it remains their household needs.Then the responsibilities may be specified in the marriage covenant are one of them, the husband has the obligation to provide living to the wife and their children as well, or all kinds of furniture and the contents of the house into the wife’s right can even become a husband’s right fully.

    1. Determine the Lawyer Who Will Help You

There will be many things you need to consider in choosing a Lawyer that will assist you in drafting and provide legal advice, to coordinate with parties related to this marriage agreement. Make sure the Lawyer you choose has the competence and experience needed.

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