“There are any special procedures for Company that want to hire an  expatriate from Calling Visa Country, you should getting approval by Indonesian Embassy in the home country of expatriate first.”

Every company in Indonesia has the right to employ expatriate from outside Indonesia as long as it complies with the Indonesian Law. The first thing that the company has to do is acting as a sponsor for expatriate in the process of visa application. However, the sponsor company should be aware that there are some countries who have been given special treatment by Indonesian Government. They are called as the Calling Visa Countries.

By the definition, the calling visa country is a country whom its condition is considered as having certain level of insecurity in terms of aspects of ideology, the politic, economic, social, cultural, defense and security, and also immigration. There are 10 calling visa countries that has been stated by the Decree of Ministry of Law and Human Rights Number M.HH-02.GR.01.06 / 2013. The 10 calling visa countries are, as follows:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Guinea
  3. Israel
  4. North Korea
  5. Cameroon
  6. Liberia
  7. Niger
  8. Nigeria
  9. Pakistan
  10. Somalia

The procedure of applying calling visa have five steps. First, prepare and provide all the required-documents, that are (a) application form; (b) sponsor company documents; (c) invitation letter from sponsor in Indonesia; (d) copy of sponsor ID; (e) confirmation letter from the sponsor company; (f) marriage certificate (if the spouse of expatriate also want to apply); and (g) birth certificate for children.

Second, after all the documents already completed, the expatriate should send it to the Indonesian Embassy in his or her country. If the country does not have any diplomatic relation with the Indonesia, the application should be submitted to Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok (Thailand) or Singapore. Third, the applicant will receive the supporting letter from the Embassy. Fourth, after receiving the supporting letter, the applicant should deliver the supporting letter to sponsor company in Indonesia.

Fifth, the sponsor company should go to Immigration Office in Indonesia along with supporting letter to obtain approval letter. Sixth, the applicant should bring the approval letter to the Indonesian Embassy, and the embassy will give the visa to the applicant.

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Author: Latifah Kusumawardani