“Since the beginning of 2017, Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration has enacted a new policy that the agent company who assist the expatriate in gaining working permit should be registered in the Ministry.”

Does your company has a plan to hire expatriate? Have you ever tried to ask the agent company to apply for working permit? If all the answers are Yes, the first thing you have to do is to make sure the agent company has been registered in the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration. Since the begining of 2017,

The registration is quite significant because, if the agent company has not registered yet, it is not able to apply the application for working permit on behalf of the expatriate’s sponsor company. Therefore, you should be aware when you want to choose an agent company to assist you for submitting application of working permit.

Expatriate Legal Solution (ELSON) – a brand of PT Pro Legal Indonesia – is pleased to inform you that it has been registered through its new policy since February 2017 with the Decree No.005/PPTKPKK/II/2017. As a registered-agent company, now, ELSON can legally assist the sponsor company to gain working permit for its expatriate.

ELSON also has registered its two employees in the Ministry. It is referring to the new policy that the registered-agent company should also register maximum two of its employees to be technical officers. They will act on behalf of sponsor company during the process of application of working permit. The application of working permit should be submitted by the technical officers via official website of the Ministry, www.tka-online.naker.go.id.

ELSON has passed all the procedure of registration. It has submitted all the documents of the company, and the Ministry also had finished the field-survey to do the cross-examination of the documents. Therefore, by passing all the long process, ELSON will be your trusted-agent company to help you to apply the working permit for your expatriate.

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ELSON Indonesia is a company that focus on providing comprehensive legal solution for expatriates, foreigner, and mix marriage couple in Indonesia.

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Author: Latifah Kusumawardani