“E-Kitas (Electronic – KITAS) is designed to provide convenience for foreigners in making Limited Stay Permit card (KITAS). Foreigners no longer need to queue to submit the application, now only by online application, you got your own KITAS”

In order to improve services to the foreigner, especially in the service of provision of limited stay permit card (KITAS), the Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia on January 26, 2013 has inaugurated the service of provision of limited stay permit electronic card (E-KITAS).

The Application itself can be done by online with the following steps: Foreigners can access the ITAS ONLINE through www.imigrasi.go.id and choose the Layanan Izin Tinggal Online icon on Online Services menu. After fill in the application, enter passport number and VITAS authorization number in the box provided.

Further, after submitting the application mentioned above, there will be a notification e-mail from the immigration with your [application number], [name] and [passport number]. Please print the notification e-mail and report to the immigration office within 30 (thirty) days of your date of arrival for your interview, data verification, and biometric photograph and fingerprints.
Provide your printed notification e-mail to the immigration officer at the entry desk to get your queue number. You must bring your original passport to get the ITAS online registration stamp and make a payment for your KITAS, re-entry permit, and information technology management system.

You will receive another notification e-mail with the ITAS approval letter and KITAS (limited stay permit card) attachments, and you can print your KITAS by yourself. Immigration office will also provide your electronic KITAS for you.
Please be noted, different with the old KITAS card, E-Kitas has a special treatment, these are:

  1. Not to be bent, folded and slammed
  2. Not be perforated and in staples
  3. Not to be immersed in liquid or liquid chemicals
  4. Not be placed surrounding the electromagnetic area such as a TV or microwave.

The maximum period of application of limited stay permit is within 30 (thirty) days from the date of arrival, meanwhile the maximum period of Submission application of Visit stay permit extension is not later than 7 (seven) days before the expiration date of your Visit Stay Permit.

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