“Maximum within 3 (three) years after the child is 18 (eighteen) years old, or he/she officially weds pursuant to the marriage laws in Indonesia, the child must choose one citizenship and submit an official written report to the Indonesian Government about their decision. Should they fail to make the report, the Indonesian Government will automatically annul and withdraw their Indonesian Citizenship.”

What is the citizenship status of mixed marriage children according to prevailing Indonesian Law? Do they automatically have the rights to become Indonesian Citizen? Or will they have a dual citizenship?

Pursuant to Law No. 12 of 2006 regarding Indonesian Citizenship, children who were born from a registered and legitimate mixed marriage couple are automatically recognized as Indonesian Citizen.

In principle, Indonesian Citizen  are not allowed to have dual citizenship. However, there is a limited exception for children who are born from a legitimate mixed marriage couple. The exception is that they are allowed to hold dual citizenship until they reach the age of 18 (eighteen) years old, or until they officially married under prevailing marriage laws in Indonesia, whichever comes first.

Within 3 (three) years after they reach 18 (eighteen) years old or after they are officially married, they must choose one of the citizenship and submit a written official report to the Indonesian Government regarding their decision. Should they fail to submit the report, Indonesian Government will automatically annul and withdraw the Indonesian Citizenship of that child.

In the event where a child has chosen not to become Indonesian Citizen but would still like to stay in Indonesia, they could immediately apply for a Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP) rather than Limited Stay Permit (KITAS), and their Indonesian parent will become their sponsor.


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